May 19th, 2010

Welcome to our Blog! Our aim is keep you upto date with our brand new Social networking site for the angling world.
As a Passionate angler and a techy i noticed that the two worlds were starting to collide in a big way. We decided to take it one step further and create
So what is Its a site where anglers can sign up for free and display there past and present catches, record there fishing trips past and present, analyse them,share them, and invite there friends on future sessions, Fishbook will work out your stats and display your personal bests for the world to see, you can find new venues and monitor there catch reports on the “Whispers from the bank”, leave comments on peoples profile pages, in fact the list is endless.
Our aim is to give every fishery in the country a micro website within so you as the angler can find new exciting places to fish and see what has been coming out of them recently and how.
There will be free competitons that as a member of you will automatically be entered for everytime and league tables to see how your getting on.
We want you take ownership of, we want you to enjoy it, but first you have to become part of it. sign up, start uploading your catches and join the revolution. cheers The Fishbook team

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